FBC Franklin

Bible Study Classes

Sundays: Classes for all ages--9:30-10:30

Children Classes

Nursery - Main Building Downstairs

Pre K Age 2 - Main Building Downstairs

Pre K Age 3 - Main Building Downstairs

Kindergarten - Main Building Downstairs

1st and 2nd Grades - Main Building Downstairs

3rd and 4th Grades - Main Building Upstairs

5th and 6th Grades - Main Building Upstairs

Youth Classes

7th and 8th Grades - Family Education Building

9th and 10th Grades - Family Education Building

11th and 12th Grades - Family Education Building

Adult Class Choices

Joshua Class: Majority of members are 45-65 with older or grown children.

Class A led by Mike and Cindy Smith

Class B led by Gary Conn and Warren Simmons

(both groups meet for prayer and breakfast downstairs on westside of Fellowship/Education building and split into class A and B for Bible Study)

Outreach Class: Majority of members are above 55 and retired. Led by Bubba Phillips in Main Building Fellowship Hall West Side.

Truth Seekers Class: Open to any age adult. Led by Joe Wilson in South/Central Room downstairs of Fellowship/Education Building.

Home Builders Class: Majority of members are 20-35 years of age and beginning their families. Feel free to bring young babies/toddlers to class with you.

Led by Cheryl Simmons & Jeff Hall in the west side downstairs of Fellowship/Education Building.

Cornerstone Class: Majority of members are 30-40 years in age with school age children. Led by Trent & Shelley Wilson in the eastern end of the Fellowship Hall of the Main Building.

Caleb Class: Open to adults of any age. Led by Dorothy Hughes in Main building upstairs.

Thursday: Bible Study opportunities

True Grit Men's Bible Study--6:00 am

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study--Men and Women of all ages--6:00 pm (Led by Colleen Manning and Ken Wilkinson in Main Building Fellowship Hall)